What we can offer

CABEX CO. S.r.l. offers its customers service aimed at commercial technical development, proposing the products they need at the best market conditions, assuring technical service in Italian market research for industrial technical items, and always providing the willingness and seriousness of their experienced and competent staff, without losing sight of the goal: meeting the needs of their customers.

Air treatment items

  • Safety valves, stamped air fittings, air taps, compression fittings and plugs
  • Air filters, filter cartridges for compressors and vacuum pumps
  • Plugs, power cables and connectors for industrial automation
  • Pneumatic solenoid valves for solenoid fluids
  • High performance pneumatic and oil hydraulic components
  • Refrigeration, filtration and compressed air treatment
  • Units, compressed air treatment and industrial bonding
  • Filters, micro-filters and separators for screw compressors
  • Drive belts
  • BPHE technology brazed heat plate exchangers
  • Transformers, electrical auto transformers
  • Coupling and drive joints
  • Industrial seal gaskets
  • Integrated valves and screws for compressors

Industrial equipment

  • Professional pneumatic tools
  • Professional guns: blowing, inflation, washing, sandblasting, water air and professional line kits, professional airbrushing.
  • Auto workshop equipment
  • Automobile, industrial vehicle and agricultural vehicle filters
  • Pneumatic sandblasting machines and accessories
  • Buster, piston, screw, with oil, oil-free, 1.2 – 315 KW low and high pressure industrial air compressors, motocompressors
  • Manual, pneumatic and electrical tools.